Rocstrong | Amazing [Official Music Video] | 

Directed by Emanuel K Miranda & Federico Bazzi | Production company: Octarino | Exec. producer: André Bangala

UN Women | Case Study |

Violence against women is a problem of global proportions. In Uruguay, a small country in South America, with three million inhabitants is a huge problem. Every 17 minutes there is a police report on gender violence and it is one of the mos reported crimes. Anyone, independently of their biological sex, left the womb of a woman to be born. Therefore an act of iolence against a woman is an act of violence against all. Because we ar all women. The challenge of this campaing was generate a material with a universal message that without money for its production or media placement has the viral capacity to penetrate the population and share a message of equality and peace to end acts of violence.

Cook With The Book | Official Trailer | 

This TV series collects the basic premises to cook and eat better through the teaching of techniques, tips and secrets of cooking and nutrition within other hints to better living. A culinary trip through South America guided by some of the best chefs of the world.  
A space to learn, know and discover new food, ways of preparation, culture and tradition. Cooking classes that go beyond A, B, C of how to cook and look forward to the basic knowledge of what to cook, and why.

Production company: Onimo Films | Exec. producer: Emanuel K Miranda | Written by Penélope Mirand | Directed by Gustavo Hernández.

Rocstrong | Bonds [Official Video] |

Directed by: Emanuel K. Mianda & Federico bazzi| Producer: Emanuel K. Miranda | Line producer: Kamil Wahed | DOP: Federico Bazzi | Gaffer: Fabián Rojas | 1ac: Virginia Glessi | 2ac: Martina Strisciullo | Wardrobe Designer: Tatiana Zupopikon | Make-up Artist: Cristina Martínez González | Uruguay Unit: Alejandra Frechero