UN Women - Case Study

Violence against women is a problem of global proportions. In Uruguay, a small country in South America, with three million inhabitants is a huge problem. Every 17 minutes there is a police report on gender violence and it is one of the mos reported crimes. Anyone, independently of their biological sex, left the womb of a woman to be born. Therefore an act of iolence against a woman is an act of violence against all. Because we ar all women. The challenge of this campaing was generate a material with a universal message that without money for its production or media placement has the viral capacity to penetrate the population and share a message of equality and peace to end acts of violence.

2018Napolitan´s awardsFilm campaign of the year
2017DesachateGoldCategory: For Good.
Best local film production.Category: Film.
Best art direction.Category: Film.
Best sound production.Category: Sound.
Cannes LionsShortlistCategory: Glass.

Advertising Agency: Amén, Uruguay.
Executive Creative Director: Ignacio Vallejo.
Creative Director: Gabriel Lista.
Art Director: Victor Calistro.
Copywriters: Rodrigo Gastán, Victor Calistro.
Producer: Carolina Gelfont.
Amén Citizen Communication Director: Julian Kanarek
Audiovisual Production / Production Company / Postproduction: Bombay Films
Responsible for the client: Magdalena FurtadoDirector /
Producer: Gustavo Perez
Sound: Australia Music
Case Study: Emanuel K. Miranda